This Last Saturday we held our third annual Jam 4 Cans. Jam 4 Cans is a charity rail jam that benefits Local food banks by swapping entry fees with cans of food. The rail jam has happened for the last 10 years in town on an urban set up, and at local mountains, thanks to the hard work of Caleb Foss and Summit Northwest Ministries. Thanks to Caleb’s efforts, thousands of pounds of canned food have been donated over the last 10 years to our local food banks.

Our Jam 4 cans featured a progressive set up with a little bit of everything for everyone, and included a portion of the contest that focused on the best trick on a Hip. Jam 4 Cans always has a ton of turnout and we had over 30 competitors out for the event.

Everyone was killing it and the open snowboarders was especially difficult for the judges. At the end of the day the placing was:

Open Ski:
1st- Austin Middleton
2nd- Gabe Blackwood
3rd- Ryan Bacon

Open Snowboard:
1st- Chaz Ridler
2nd- Cameron Fryman
3rd- Issac Busch

Thanks everyone who came out!

All photos by Jesse Sellers