Mt Spokane Terrain Park

Hey all, Alec here your park cat operator with you Jan 31st park update.

Parks Status

  • As some of you may know we have closed the Gnarwood Forest Terrain Park due to poor weather and snow conditions from the previous week along with Chair 4.  The Northwest progression park has also been closed this week for similar reasons yet we added a few of those progression features throughout the Half-Hitch Terrain Park.

Whats new in the Half-Hitch Park

  • MSTP crew has been keeping things fresh in Half Hitch park. This past week we changed a number of features as well as build a few more. As you enter the park the tube got moved to the right to make it even easier to play on and learn more tricks with little consequence. Next to that we setup a two rail feature, flat flat down, followed by the dance floor, OG Pistole Rail, and a flat down culvert setup on the second tear. After that we have a fresh new 20 foot culvert set flat, then your 25-30ft step up, Pistole Donkey up and now the Pistole Shotgun as a super mellow down rail. Next you have the Pistole Flat Down Flat, Creeper boxes (medium and large) and just since yesterday a medium size hip right. The hip is really fun to session, especially when the sun hits the landing making it a nice soft landing, or if you decide to take it over the top. After the tree we have a few new setups in place. Starting off a banana slide in to the small boxes, then your second line skiers left is the pill as a sort up, pole jam style to the big rainbow that hasn’t been set in years.

Give us your ideas

  • With the low snow we are making things work, however our ideas are getting limited. If you have any ideas on setting up rails with very minimal amount of snow, let us know either right here or our Facebook page or Instagram. We want to hear what you want.

Check out photos at the bottom.


  • We have had some great and sunny days that past week, up above the clouds its been spring park laps all week long. Yet with out the sticky snow. However, the weather in the near future is looking promising. With decreasing temperatures and over a foot in the forecast things are starting to look more like winter.  Check out the NOAA site here for your self and keep praying for more snow. The more snow we have the more parks we have.

KAN JAM 2015

  • The first event of Kan Jam is just a week away. Next Saturday will be the Rail Jam, Event one of the four event point series event. Get your registration form filled out and all the info you need under the KAN JAM 2015 tab. 



Sunny Park laps




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