Mt Spokane Terrain Park rendering

Half-Hitch Terrain Park

Our Half Hitch Park is in full swing. We have multiple lines of feature to choose from. On the skiers right side of the park we have all five Pistole rails to make the much requested “Pistole Line”. After that the line moves into two culvert jibs, one flat and the other an elbow. The second line on skiers left follows the Pistole line has a few unique jibs. First off we have the dance floor to mini pill. Very playful and easy to try different tricks. As the line moves further down we have your triple drop box that lines you up to the tree where we basically built a spine around the tree with many different option to hit. Down at the bottom of the park we have to two lines coming into one. The medium rainbow and flat-bar line you up to a pole jam butter box spine culvert jib jam. And finally with last weeks snow close to 20 inches, we were able to push the second jump (25 footer) of everyone’s favorite medium line. Once we get more snow you can expect to see the full line back again this season.


Natural Terrain Park (Closed)

The New Natural Park is still awaiting more snow. The park crew took a look at the park after the snow this past weekend and gathered that we will need about another foot to a foot and a half of snow to open the park safely. We are just as excited as you are to open the new park but until then please DO NOT duck or jump the fence. The fence is there for your safety, there are many hidden hazards that won’t be pleasant.┬áSo once again, the park is closed as soon as we get enough snow we will open the park and we will let you know as soon as we know. Thank you


Progression Park

The progression park is in the works and should be coming soon. For those of you who are looking to start small we have a few smaller features in the Half Hitch park at the moment. Once we get our plan together for the progression park a few of those features will move there.


Hope to see you all up, the park has been awesome and the snow is great. The whole mountain is open (all chairs) and there is more snow in the forecast!

Park Cat Operator, Alec




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